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Heritage Rhode Island Red - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Heritage Rhode Island Red - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

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EFFECTIVE February 26, 2023 In order to cover credit card transaction fees, there will be a $20 non-refundable fee on all cancelled orders.  For approximate arrival dates, Email or Call 706-871-7367 prior to placing your order.

We do NOT offer shipping of live birds or hatching eggs at this time.


*** A Hendricks Farm Favorite ***

The Rhode Island Red was developed first and foremost as a dual-purpose bird. It was developed by the poultry farmers of the New England area and not ‘bird fanciers,’ so the defining qualities were utilitarian, not ‘good looks.’

They are active foragers and good at free-ranging, and they are winter hardy meaning they will lay in the cold months.  Ours are docile and friendly to people, though some roosters can have attitude issues.  Hens are not broody.

Hens start laying as early as 4 months old.  Once they get going, you can expect 5-6 eggs per week or 200-300 eggs per year.  They are a light brown color medium to large egg.  As hens age, their egg size increases with maturity.

NOTE:  While we do our best to sex baby chicks, we cannot guarantee the sex, as it is an art and not a science.  However, all of our older pullets and laying hens come with our HENsurance, meaning that we guarantee that you will receive a hen, or you may exchange your rooster for a hen.  We are a NPIP Certified Hatchery.

We do NOT offer shipping of live birds or hatching eggs at this time.

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Hatch our own Eggs

* Free-Ranged Heritage Chickens at our on-site NPIP Certified Hatchery

* Non-Gmo, Soy-Free, Non-Medicated chicken feed from chick to adult

* No Vaccines, No Antibiotics, No Added Hormones, and No other Junk

True Free-Ranging

Under the USDA free-range certification standards, a housing structure with one small door to the outside, even if it is rarely opened, and even if it is only to a small concrete pad can still be certified.

When we say "Free-Range", we mean that our chickens are actually outside. They can lounge in the shade or bask in the sun. They search for bugs and insects under the leaves and feast on greenery.

Our chickens live their BEST Chicken Life!

Non-Gmo, Soy-Free, Corn-Free

Food allergens can still lurk in your food even when not listed on the ingredient list.  Studies have shown that what an animal eats ends up in the meat, eggs, etc. of that animal, and companies don’t have to disclose the animal feed ingredients on the end product label.

Soy is the #1 ingredient in most animal feeds (even organic feeds!), because soy is a cheap protein that helps chickens grow and mature faster. Which is good for factory farm profits but exasperates women’s health issues.

We raise our own Heritage Chickens on Non-Gmo, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Non Medicated chicken feed. No cutting corners!

NO Vaccines and NO Antibiotics

The labels, "No Antibiotics Ever" or "Raised without Antibiotics", are typically just Marketing Buzz Words. Flocks on a "No Antibiotic" program are given antibiotics when they get sick. And another loophole of Big Business is to give the antibiotics while the chick is still in the egg before it hatches, so they can still say "no antibiotics".

And since Organic farmers can't routinely use drugs to prevent diseases and parasites like Conventional, their loophole is to vaccinate their poultry.

On our farm, we believe in raising naturally healthy birds in a non-crowded, real free-ranging environment. Our chickens are healthy and happy naturally. No Vaccines, No Antibiotics, No Added Hormones, and No other Junk.

Georgia Certified Egg Candler

By law, farms must have this Georgia Department of Agriculture Certificate to sell their eggs at retail to the end consumer.

Each and every egg needs to be weighed, candled, and graded by Hand, so different grades of eggs can be distinguished to determine losses.

NPIP Certified Hatchery

Our parent stock chickens are tested twice a year for Avian Influenza (AI) and Pullorum Typhoid (PT), which are caused by Salmonella. We are certified CLEAN by the Georgia Poultry Lab.

In order to maintain the health of our birds, we have strict biosecurity policies. For instance, we have boots dedicated to the farm to minimize the risk of walking in a disease, and we minimize visitors.

Born and Raised in Georgia, USA

Our parent chicken stock lives on our farm, and all the baby chicks are born right here on our farm. This means that we can guarantee that they received NO VACCINES at birth (nor while still in the egg), unlike other farms who order from hatcheries that do vaccinate.

Voted "Best of Georgia® 2022"

We are a 2022 Best of Georgia® winner in Georgia Business Journal’s annual readers’ poll.

The process starts with a nomination on the Best of Georgia website. Voting remains open throughout the year, with hundreds of thousands of votes ultimately received. The process culminates with the publishing of the annual Best of Georgia Keepsake Annual along with a statewide publicity campaign.

Best of Georgia winners and nominees are chosen by a combination of readers’ votes and editors’ input, and are vetted through several ranking sites, Better Business Bureau complaint reports, and voting pattern analysis reports.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that you will be 100% Satisfied with our Live Baby Chicks, Teenage Pullets, or Laying Hens or your money back! Try it today Risk Free!

With our HENsurance, we guarantee that your teenage pullets or laying hens will be female or you may exchange your rooster for a hen. While we do our best to sex baby chicks, it is an art and not a science, so they are sold unsexed.

  • "It’s all about the chickens for me! We have purchased 8 chickens from Jenny, the first four via Barnhearts feed & seed in March 2022 & the last four directly from Hendricks Farm Sept & Oct 2022. The chickens we receive are healthy, ADORABLE & well loved. Purchasing from Hendricks Farm & Jenny is seem less with great communication, honesty & joy. It’s evident that Jenny loves what she is doing & brings enthusiasm & knowledge to the chicken/farming world." --Tammy

  • "I have bought 4 older pullets and a rooster from Hendricks Farm. They are the healthiest, sweetest chickens I’ve had. Jenny is a lovely person and full of great information to help you be successful with your chickens. I definitely recommend Hendricks Farm! I will continue to buy my chickens from them in future." --Jennifer

  • "I went today to Hendricks Farms today to pick up some young chickens to add to my small flock. Jenny was so helpful in giving me pointers on how to handle them and take care of them, as well as telling me about feeders, chicken tractors, and what feed she recommended. The chicks are very pretty, and looked so healthy. I can’t wait to visit again to go to one of the classes that she holds." --Kathy

Bonus #1 - FREE Local Delivery (value $9)

FREE local delivery to select areas of the CSRA. If outside on delivery area, we have several "drop points" where you can meet us.

Bonus # 2 - Facebook Community Page

Show off your chickens. Ask questions. Connect with other members. Our private page is there to help you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hatching eggs refrigerated?

No, hatching eggs are not refrigerated nor are they washed.

What is the minimum number of baby chicks?

Chickens are flock animals, so a minimum of 3 is recommended though 6-12 is best as a minimum.

Why are there different ages?

Baby chicks require a heat lamp and extra care. If you would rather skip this step, it is best to start with teenage pullets or laying hens.

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