• Cindy from Roswell, GA

    Michael and I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny yesterday with Hendricks Farm to pick up our homegrown heritage chickens. We also picked up three Americana live chickens to put in our chicken coop. What an amazing woman, her love of what she does radiates from every ounce of her being. One can only image the care she gives to her farm animals. When I first heard of Hendricks Farms I tried to buy some of their chickens, however they were already sold out so I was able to preorder to be sure I was on their growing list and we picked them up 12/30/22.

    In the meantime we decided to try some of their beef, the presentation of the way it was packaged and shipped was beyond my expectations. We have ordered from other farms around the country and nobody has packed their precious food like Hendricks Farms. Which makes me realize the pride that they take in what they do.

  • Rachel from South Carolina

    I cannot say enough wonderful things about this farm! We are so thankful that we were lucky enough to cross paths. We live 1.5hrs away on our little starting homestead, but we will continue to drive out to Hendricks because they have impressed us EVERY step of the way! One of the greatest attributes is their dedication to their animals and their well being! They are excellent with the animals and take such wonderful care of them while still allowing them the freedoms of a natural environment! Another thing that really draws us to this farm is the time they've taken to educate others, share information, and even help solve problems! We recently ran into an issue on our homestead, and this farm is our solution! Thing is, they didn't help to "get" anything out of it at all - but they help just do the right thing. They do this for people, but most importantly here, for the animals too! I'm immensely impressed at their ability to be so professional, yet still personable and incredibly helpful. I don't think we could ever NOT learn from them! And my family is so grateful for their insight and kindness! Thank you, Hendricks Farm! Y'all ROCK!

  • Tricia from Grovetown, GA

    This was the 1st time purchasing meats from Hendricks Farm. We couldn't be happier. The beef had more flavor than any grocery store meat I have eaten. The 1st cut of meat that we ate was the ribeye steaks. I have never had a ribeye taste so good. It was very lean. I ate it all. I usually throw away quite a bit from the grocery store steak. It is all fat that I throw out.Jenny is wonderful and she strives to make everyone happy. We will be purchasing from Hendricks Farm again. I am happy to say that I can add Hendricks Farm to my list of local places I buy from.

  • Uschi from Aiken, SC

    My son, Faolan, is an 11 yr old homeschooler and has decided he wants to open his own farm fresh eggs business specializing in colorful rainbow eggs. Jenny has been so very helpful in getting him started with his own flock of healthy hens and has even given him tips for how to get his egg business up and running. It is overwhelming for a child to start their own business in the first place but Jenny has been wonderful in her support of Faolan and that support has made the process so much more streamlined for him. We will definitely be using Hendricks Farm as our first choice for chickens from now on!

  • Jennifer from Augusta, GA

    I have bought 4 older pullets and a rooster from Hendricks Farm. They are the healthiest, sweetest chickens I’ve had. Jenny is a lovely person and full of great information to help you be successful with your chickens. Even though I have had chickens for several years, there is much I still need to learn. I hope to take her chick class soon. I hear it is wonderful! I definitely recommend Hendricks Farm! I will continue to buy my chickens from them in future.

  • Brenda from Hephzibah, GA

    I recently got two baby chicks from them and they are the strongest/healthiest ones I’ve ever seen. They have done great! Hendricks Farm has been wonderful to give me a little advice when I asked since I am a newer chicken mom. They have been very friendly and very helpful. I highly recommend them from my own personal experience! They really care!!!

  • Jaime from Statesboro, GA

    A pleasure meeting you! Knowledgeable staff, beautiful and healthy birds. Definitely recommend and will definitely be back. Thank you!

  • Kathy from Graniteville, SC

    I went today to Hendricks Farm today to pick up some young chickens to add to my small flock. Jenny was so helpful in giving me pointers on how to handle them and take care of them, as well as telling me about feeders, chicken tractors, and what feed she recommended. The chicks are very pretty, and looked so healthy. I can’t wait to visit again to go to one of the classes that she holds.

  • Tammy from Augusta, GA

    It’s all about the chickens for me! We have purchased 8 chickens from Jenny, the first four via Barnhearts feed & seed in March 2022 & the last four directly from Hendricks Farm Sept & Oct 2022. The chickens we receive are healthy, ADORABLE & well loved. Purchasing from Hendricks Farm & Jenny is seem less with great communication, honesty & joy. It’s evident that Jenny loves what she is doing & brings enthusiasm & knowledge to the chicken/farming world.

  • Kristen from Waynesboro, GA

    These guys are so informative and helpful!! I had a chicken emergency, definitely after hours, and I honestly believe my chicken wouldn’t have made it if Hendricks Farm hadn’t helped us!! Thank you so much!

  • Crystal from Augusta, GA

    Wonderful variety of heritage breeds to choose from! And, thanks to HENsurance I was able to trade in one that turned out to be a rooster for a lovely hen.

  • Jean from Blythe, GA

    I have 7 beautiful , healthy babies! Thank you Mrs. Jenny Hendricks for your Beginner Chick Class. I was hesitant to start this new adventure, but I was much more confident after taking your class. You answered all my questions and shared a lot of valuable information. I can’t wait until your next class.

  • Marisa from Augusta, GA

    All of our chicks were healthy and so very cute!!

  • Viola from Hephzibah, GA

    I bought the xl farm fresh eggs and they are the best.

  • Brie from Augusta, GA

    I absolutely LOVE the chick-in-a-box. You can tell a lot of care and knowledge go into raising the chicks. I wouldn’t recommend going anywhere else for your chicken needs.