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Healthy Start Sampler - Beef & Chicken Combo Box

Healthy Start Sampler - Beef & Chicken Combo Box

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HEALTHY START SAMPLER - Farmer's Choice of Beef & Chicken

2 Certified Organic, Whole Chickens

1-2 Grass-Fed Steaks (Porterhouse, Sirloin, Ribeye, T-Bone)

1-2 Grass-Fed Roasts (Chuck, Tip, Brisket, etc)

1-3 Grass-Fed Ground Beef

BONUS 1: Recipes for every cut in your box! (value $19)

BONUS 2: Free Package of Beef Bones to make broth! (value $17)

BONUS 3: Free Shipping straight to your front door via FedEx! (value $139)

BONUS 4: Become a VIP and get first dibs on all future products & farm events. (priceless!)

IN STOCK NOW!  Ships on Mondays via FedEx Home Delivery.

Perfect Size for kitchen freezers.

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  • Molly H. from Arkansas

    I used to struggle a lot with gut health, and I don't anymore, because I buy from Hendricks Farm. Their chickens taste great. But the most exciting thing about it is that there's no hormones, there's NO Corn, NO soy. I could list 10 other things that are in supermarket chickens that are NOT in this.

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  • Lacie P. from Florida

    Eating clean, pasture-raised protein from Hendricks Farm is more important than anything else. The only thing actually more important than eating clean protein is knowing the source. And for us, that is worth all the money in the world.

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  • Jeremiah T. from Missouri

    So, the primary reason for us purchasing from Jenny down at Hendricks Farm was because we wanted a nutrient dense protein for our family. And we want to be able to purchase poultry that was humanely raised and wasn't pumped full of a whole bunch of unnecessary junk that we and our family don't want.

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  • Kim F. from Washington

    Very Good Chicken!

    Oh my gosh!


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  • Lenski V. from Russia

    One of the Perfect Chickens I have tried ever.

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  • Jenn L. from Georgia

    This Chicken...This is the Best Chicken I've ever had in my Life! From Hendricks Farm...Jenny, you've outdid yourself. Look how tender this is. Falls off the bone. Beautiful...just fall off the bone tender. Hmmm...I have to stop

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Delicious and Nutritious Pasture-Raised Chicken

* Pasture-Raised, Certified Organic Chickens

* Non-Gmo, Soy-Free, Non-Medicated chicken feed

* No mRNAs, No Antibiotics, No Added Hormones, and No other Junk

Certified Organic Chickens

Our Chickens are Certified Organic using a Non-GMO, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Non-Medicated feed to supplement their free-range diet on pasture.

True Free-Ranging

Under the USDA free-range certification standards, a housing structure with one small door to the outside, even if it is rarely opened, and even if it is only to a small concrete pad can still be certified.

When we say "Free-Range" and "Pasture-Raised", we mean that our chickens are actually outside on pastures with real grass. They can lounge in the shade or bask in the sun. They search for bugs and insects and feast on greenery.

Our chickens live their BEST Chicken Life!

Non-Gmo, Soy-Free, Corn-Free

Food allergens can still lurk in your food even when not listed on the ingredient list.  Studies have shown that what an animal eats ends up in the meat, eggs, etc. of that animal, and companies don’t have to disclose the animal feed ingredients on the end product label.

Soy is the #1 ingredient in most animal feeds (even organic feeds!), because soy is a cheap protein that helps chickens grow and mature faster. Which is good for factory farm profits but exasperates women’s health issues.

We raise our own Heritage Chickens on Non-Gmo, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Non Medicated chicken feed. No cutting corners!

NO Antibiotics, NO mRNAs, and NO other Junk

The labels, "No Antibiotics Ever" or "Raised without Antibiotics", are typically just Marketing Buzz Words. Flocks on a "No Antibiotic" program are given antibiotics when they get sick. And another loophole of Big Business is to give the antibiotics while the chick is still in the egg before it hatches, so they can still say "no antibiotics".

On our farm, we believe in raising naturally healthy birds in a non-crowded, real free-ranging environment. Our chickens are healthy and happy naturally. No Antibiotics, No Added Hormones, No mRNAs, and No other Junk.

Air-Chilled Chickens

The traditional "water-chill"method of most butchers requires chlorinated water to process multiple chickens, as it is at an increased risk for cross-contamination. And a hot chicken in cold water will absorb some (2-12% of its body weight) of that chlorinated water which compromises the flavor and texture. Thus, on average you pay an extra 8% of its body weight for added water with water-chilled chicken.

Air-chilling creates a better tasting chicken which is more flavorful and tender, because it has no extra moisture and a reduced risk of contamination. All you pay for with air-chilled is chicken (no added water). And perhaps the best benefit is that it produces that coveted crispy skin that just isn't possible with water-chilled.

As an added benefit to the environment, air-chilled chickens save tens of thousands of gallons of water per day.


Our USDA butcher processes each chicken. Then, it is air-chilled before being vacuum-sealed, weighed, and labeled.

Vacuum sealing has several benefits:

* Keeps meat fresher for longer

* Protects meat from freezer burn

* Decreases the amount of space needed

Born and Raised in the USA

Not only are you supporting American, but you can rest assured that your chickens never set foot on foreign land.

Voted "Best of Georgia®" in 2022 and 2023

We are a 2022 and 2023 Best of Georgia® winner in Georgia Business Journal’s annual readers’ poll.

The process starts with a nomination on the Best of Georgia website. Voting remains open throughout the year, with hundreds of thousands of votes ultimately received. The process culminates with the publishing of the annual Best of Georgia Keepsake Annual along with a statewide publicity campaign.

Best of Georgia winners and nominees are chosen by a combination of readers’ votes and editors’ input, and are vetted through several ranking sites, Better Business Bureau complaint reports, and voting pattern analysis reports.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that your chickens will arrive frozen and these will be the Healthiest Chickens that you have ever had or your money back! Try it today Risk Free!

  • "I can not say enough wonderful things about this farm! We are so thankful that we were lucky enough to cross paths. We live 1.5 hours away on our little starting homestead, but we will continue to drive out to Hendricks because they have impressed us EVERY step of the way! One of their greatest attributes is their dedication to their animals and their well being! They are excellent with the animals and take such wonderful care of them while still allowing them the freedoms of a natural environment! Another thing that really draws us to this farm is the time they've taken to educate others, share information, and even help solve problems! We recently ran into an issue on our homestead, and this farm is our solution! Thing is, they didn't help to "get" anything out of it at all - but they help just do the right thing. They do this for people, but most importantly here, for the animals too! I'm immensely impressed at their ability to be so professional, yet still personable and incredibly helpful. I don't think we could ever NOT learn from them! And my family is so grateful for their insight and kindness! Thank you, Hendricks Farm! Y'all ROCK!" - Rachel

  • "Michael and I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny yesterday with Hendricks Farm to pick up our homegrown heritage chickens. We also picked up three Americana live chickens to put in our chicken coop.What an amazing woman, her love of what she does radiates from every ounce of her being. One can only image the care she gives to her farm animals. When I first heard of Hendricks Farms I tried to buy some of their chickens, however they were already sold out so I was able to preorder to be sure I was on their growing list and we picked them up 12/30/22. In the meantime we decided to try some of their beef, the presentation of the way it was packaged and shipped was beyond my expectations. We have ordered from other farms around the country and nobody has packed their precious food like Hendricks Farms. Which makes me realize the pride that they take in what they do.It is so important to support our local farmers, not only will you be eating better, feeling better, you will also be helping small farmers that care and make a difference." --Cindy

BONUS #1 —> FREE Shipping

We offer FREE Shipping to 31 States from the East Coast to Mid-West. If you are outside this area, please contact us for pricing.

BONUS #2 —> Health Benefits Card (Valued at $19)

Don’t have time to research all the Health Benefits?

We got you covered! We already did all the work for you!

Your FREE Health Benefits Card will describe how each chicken part can promote healing within your body for several common health issues. Trust us, you don’t want to throw away the neck or organs!

BONUS #3 —> Easy, Healthy Recipes (Valued at $17)

Want to know the best way to prepare your chicken?

We provide FREE Easy, Healthy Recipes to make the most of your chicken. Including our Crock-Pot Chicken Broth Recipe!

So flavorful you will want to drink it straight from the Crock-Pot!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are my chickens delivered?

Each Certified Organic Chicken is delivered vacuum-sealed and frozen.

How large is a Hendricks Farm Chicken?

Since each chicken is unique, size varies. However, an average chicken weighs 3+ to 4+ lbs. You will need 2 cubic feet of freezer space for each 4lb chicken.

How many people will a Hendricks Farm Chicken feed?

The average chicken can serve 2 adults for 2-3 meals as side meat or 4-6 meals if chopped and used within a larger dish such as a casserole. In addition, one average chicken will also make 12 cups of rich and delicious broth.

Does it contain saline solution like a grocery store chicken?

No. We do not add any solution to increase the product weight. This also means that there is NO added salt to the chicken for those on a low-sodium diet.

Why do you only sell whole chickens?

We believe in honoring the whole animal by utilizing all of it. This also gives you the maximum amount of meat along with the bones for the lowest price possible.

How are orders fulfilled?

We schedule multiple butcher dates at our USDA processor, as they cannot process all our chickens at one time. Therefore, those who order early will receive their chickens at the earlier fulfillment dates.

Why can't I order just one chicken as I need it?

We are not a grocery store, so we do not keep inventory on hand year round. When the harvest comes in, we pre-sell the entire inventory, and then deliver as the butcher finishes each batch of chickens. We will keep you in the loop on your expected fulfillment date, so keep an eye out for updates!

How many chickens should I order for the year?

For large families, one 20lb box per month should be sufficient. For smaller families, a 20lb box will last 6 to 10 weeks (2+ months).

How much Freezer space will I need?

You will need 2 cubic feet of freezer space for each 4lb whole chicken. A normal large kitchen refrigerator freezer has 18 to 25 cubic feet of freezer space. So, about 10 cubic feet will be needed.

When is the Final Order Deadline?

We usually do not reach our final order deadline, as chicken sell out quickly. In November 2023, we sold out of chickens in only 52 hours, so it is best to order when you see they are available.

Have Questions? Contact us!