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Burger Bonanza Box

Burger Bonanza Box

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25lbs of Grass-Fed AND Grass-Finished GROUND STEAK BURGER (no grain ever).  We grind the WHOLE COW (steaks, roasts, and ground) to create the Ultimate Hamburger Meat. 

Pastures were not sprayed.  No antibiotics.  No added hormones.  Total Weight is 25 lbs. of ground beef in 1lb vacuum-sealed packages.

Versatile for a variety of Quick and Easy Dinner recipes.


This is TOTAL PRICE (no deposit).  Includes Free Shipping.

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Delicious and Nutritious Georgia Grass-Fed Beef

* 100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished. No sprays on pastures. Rotational grazing.

* Dry-Aged for 14 days for beefier flavor and additional tenderness.

* No Antibiotics and No Added Hormones

Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished

Marketing Buzz Words can be confusing!

The term "Grass-fed" can still refer to cattle in confined feedlots that ate some grass at any point during their lives. It doesn't necesarily mean that they were fed ONLY grass. They could still be fatten up on mostly grain.

It is time for some REAL Farm Transparency!

When we say "Grass-Fed AND Grass-Finished", we mean that they ate 100% real grass right here in Georgia (NO grains). Our cattle are locally born and raised right here in the CSRA of Georgia.

Dry-Aged 14 Days

Dry-aging is an old-fashioned method that high-end restaurants still use today. Large cuts of meat are hung in a low-temperature environment for weeks.

This allows the meat to develop a beefier flavor along with making it more tender. After aging, it has less volume, as the moisture has evaporated. Then, the outside is trimmed again, so you end up with less pounds but better beef.

At this point, the meat can be packaged and sold. Even if you can find Grass-fed beef at the grocery store, it won't be Grass-finished or Dry-Aged.

Most people have never tasted REAL beef like this before in their entire life.


Our local butcher hand-carves each piece of meat. Then, it is vacuum-sealed, weighed, and labeled.

Vacuum sealing has several benefits:

* Keeps meat fresher for longer

* Protects meat from freezer burn

* Decreases the amount of space needed

Rotational Grazing

Pastures are subdivided, and cattle are rotated among sections, so that the land can rest between grazing. This practice increases the resistance to drought, reduces soil compaction, and increases forage production.

In addition, the pastures are not sprayed. This practice is better for the environment as it helps to reduce the loss of the pollinator population. In addition, pesticides can contaminate soil, water, and vegetation.

Grass is high in Omega 3s!

But it is tastier to eat Grass-Fed Beef!

ALA, the third Omega-3 fatty acid, is only found in plants, namely nuts, seeds, and grass. Even though Grass-Fed beef is leaner than Conventional Corn-Fed beef, Grass-Fed has double the Omega-3 fatty acids in the fat, and it is mostly ALA.

And the Omega 3, ALA, isn't found in Salmon and other fatty fish!

The Best Part is that Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Beef has higher levels of Good Fats and a Healthy Ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6.

This is great news, since most of us are deficient in Omega-3s. Yet it is vital for our health.

Burger Bonanza Box

Each 25 lb Burger Bonanza Box includes:

* 15lbs Ground Beef in 1lb packages

* 10lbs Quarter Pound Hamburger Patties in 1lb packages

Raised in Georgia - Product of USA

As much as 85% of all Grass-fed beef from the grocery store is actually foreign raised, because they are able to source it cheaper globally. They use a legal, but very deceptive, tactic to bring these carcasses to the USA, so they can affix the "Product of the USA" label on them.

Our Grass-Fed beef is 100% a Product of Georgia, USA from the rancher to the butcher to our farm.

Voted "Best of Georgia® 2022"

We are a 2022 Best of Georgia® winner in Georgia Business Journal’s annual readers’ poll.

The process starts with a nomination on the Best of Georgia website. Voting remains open throughout the year, with hundreds of thousands of votes ultimately received. The process culminates with the publishing of the annual Best of Georgia Keepsake Annual along with a statewide publicity campaign.

Best of Georgia winners and nominees are chosen by a combination of readers’ votes and editors’ input, and are vetted through several ranking sites, Better Business Bureau complaint reports, and voting pattern analysis reports.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that your beef will arrive frozen and this will be the Healthiest Beef that you have ever had or your money back

Try it today Risk Free!

  • "This was the 1st time purchasing meats from Hendrick's Farm. We couldn't be happier. The beef had more flavor than any grocery store meat I have eaten. The 1st cut of meat that we ate was the ribeye steaks. I have never had a ribeye taste so good. It was very lean. I ate it all. I usually throw away quite a bit from the grocery store steak. It is all fat that I throw out. Jenny is wonderful and she strives to make everyone happy. We will be purchasing from Hendrick's Farm again. I am happy to say that I can add Hendrick's Farm to my list of local places I buy from." --Tricia

  • "I can not say enough wonderful things about this farm! We are so thankful that we were lucky enough to cross paths. We live 1.5 hours away on our little starting homestead, but we will continue to drive out to Hendricks because they have impressed us EVERY step of the way! One of their greatest attributes is their dedication to their animals and their well being! They are excellent with the animals and take such wonderful care of them while still allowing them the freedoms of a natural environment!" - Rachel

BONUS #1 —> FREE Delivery to Your Front Door in an insulated box via FedEx (Valued at $139)

We currently ship to 31 states from the East Coast to the Mid-West.

Guaranteed to arrive frozen.

BONUS #2 —> Health Benefits Card (Valued at $19)

Don’t have time to research all the Health Benefits?

We got you covered! We already did all the work for you!

Your FREE Health Benefits Card will describe how several beef parts can promote healing within your body for several common health issues. Trust us, you are going to want to use all the cuts!

BONUS #3 —> Easy, Healthy Recipes (Valued at $17)

Want to know the best way to prepare your beef?

Grass-fed steaks cook differently. Let us show you how to cook the best steak.

We provide FREE Easy, Healthy Recipes to make the most of all the cuts of beef.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cuts are included in my 25 lb. box?

15lbs. Ground Beef in 1lb packages

10lbs of Quarter Pound Hamburger Patties in 1lb packages

How is my beef delivered?

Each cut within your 25lb box is delivered vacuum-sealed and frozen. Guaranteed to arrive frozen or your money back.

Why do you only sell only bulk and not individual cuts?

We believe in honoring the whole animal by utilizing all of it. Each steer is divided into equal parts, so nothing is wasted.

How are orders fulfilled?

Orders are delivered straight to your home or office.

Why can't I order just one cut of beef as I need it?

We are not a grocery store, so we do not keep inventory on hand year round. When the harvest comes in, we pre-sell the entire inventory, and then deliver as the butcher finishes each steer. We will keep you in the loop on your expected fulfillment date, so keep an eye out for updates!

How much Freezer space will I need?

25lbs of ground beef will easily fit in the freezer section of a normal kitchen refrigerator or 2 Cubic Feet of a Chest Freezer.

Is Payment refundable?

No, the Final Payment is NON-REFUNDABLE, as we must have a firm commitment to make your reservation. Please note that our farm does NOT keep year-round inventory, so pre-orders help us to raise just the right amount of livestock, so there is NO waste. FINAL AMOUNT DUE is based on $17/lb and is due BEFORE DELIVERY. All sales are final. No refunds for cancelled orders.

When is the Final Order Deadline?

Please note that we do NOT butcher extra beef to keep on hand, and no orders are accepted after the promotional date.

Have Questions? Contact us!