What is the Secret Of Great Tasting Beef?

Dry-Aging is the Secret for Great Beef!

Grocery Stores Wet-Age their Beef!

You probably can guess that wet-aging is cheaper, easier, and faster! That is why Big Business does it. They are out to make a profit at your expense.

After butchering the meat, wet-aged beef is packaged and allowed to “rest” during transit. All meat needs to rest after butchering to relax the muscles.

Dry-aging is an old-fashioned method that high-end restaurants still use today. Large cuts of meat are hung in a low-temperature environment for weeks.

This allows the meat to develop a beefier flavor along with making it more tender. After aging, it has less volume, as the moisture has evaporated. Then, the outside is trimmed again, so you end up with less pounds but better beef.

At this point, the meat can be packaged and sold. Even if you can find Grass-fed beef at the grocery store, it won’t be Grass-finished or Dry-Aged.

Most people have never tasted REAL beef like this before in their entire life.

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