Warning! Grocery Store Beef Is NOT Grass-Fed!

Grocery store beef is CORN-FED!

Big Business is out to make a profit, and the fastest way to fatten up cattle is by packing them in feed-lots and pumping them full of grain. Most of these cattle have never set a hoof on grass or enjoyed the sunshine.

Since cattle are ruminants (meaning they have a four-part stomach), they will bring their food back up for ruminating (or cud chewing). But corn, soy, and other grains can’t be fermented and broken down correctly like grass.

This causes Health Issues in the cattle, including bloating along with possibly fatal excess gas. Corn-fed cattle are also more susceptible to E. Coli infection, which can in turn affect people eating the meat.

In addition, due to their unnatural diet, they require calcium supplementation to combat the development of urinary stones, which can be quite painful.

What animals eat affects YOUR health!

Want to enjoy REAL, all-natural beef?

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Here is an actual picture of our cattle out on pasture:

Our cows on pasture

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