Do You Make This Mistake At The Grocery Store?

All Grass-Fed Beef is NOT the same!

Labels can be confusing!

You have probably seen Grass-fed ground beef at your grocery store along with its high price. You might have even wondered if it was worth the extra cost. After all, everyone wants to be healthier and happier.

And Big Business knows that Marketing Buzz Words work!

The term “Grass-fed” can still refer to cattle in confined feedlots that ate some grass at any point during their lives. That’s right! It doesn’t mean that they were fed ONLY grass. They can still be fatten up on mostly grain.

It is time for some REAL Farm Transparency. When we say “Grass-Fed AND Grass-Finished”, we mean that they ate 100% real grass right here in Georgia from the time they were born till they went to the USDA Butcher.  No grain ever!

It is important to KNOW and TRUST your Farmer!

Most people have never tasted REAL Grass-Fed Beef before in their entire life.

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