Where is your Meat Produced?

Watch the YouTube video OR scroll down to read the transcript.

China is the world’s largest meat producer and importer.

That’s right! The only way to guarantee that your meat is produced right here in the USA is to buy locally from your farmer.

It is also a great way to find out exactly what goes into your meat, because the health of the animal directly affects your health.

Here at Hendricks Farm, we hatch our own chickens. From birth, we give them Non-Gmo, Soy-Free, Non-Medicated chicken feed.

No vaccines, No antibiotics, No added hormones, and No other junk.

We allow them to have their best chicken life free-ranging and hunting for bugs. They can take dust baths, lounge in the shade, or soak in the sun.

When you buy a Hendricks Farm chicken, you are buying the healthiest chicken possible. No Frankenchickens here! A REAL Heritage chicken that is good for your body, good for the chickens, and good for the planet.

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