How to WIN against supply chain shortages?

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With all the supply chain shortages, it is hard not to notice the shortage of chickens and eggs at grocery stores right now.

As of September 2021, prices on meat and eggs have increased by 10.5%.

The best way to win against rising prices and supply chain shortages is to lock in your prices right now and stock up on our Premium Heritage Free-Ranged Chickens. We aren’t talking about grocery store FrankenChickens here.

These are REAL chickens, the way nature intended.

Here at Hendricks Farm, we hatch our own chicks. From birth, we give them Non-Gmo, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Non-Medicated chicken feed.

No vaccines, No antibiotics, No added hormones, and No other junk.

We allow them to live their Best Chicken Life…. free-ranging through our wooded pastures.

Remember that all chickens are NOT the same

Look for the HEN in the name

Hendricks Farm & Hatchery LLC

For the Healthiest Chicken that You’ll Ever Have!

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