What to do with Extra Roosters?

Watch the YouTube video OR scroll down to read the transcript.

I received an interesting phone call this week about roosters.

I hear all the time that people fall in love with their roosters, and they just don’t think that they can part with them. Well, here’s the problem.

Roosters that grow up together may get along… at least for a while.

But eventually, all that testosterone is going to kick in, and they will start fighting to the death to be King.

And if you put a hen in there with them… Oh no! They will literally rape her to death. What a horrible way to die!

So, as much as people love their roosters, it is best to let them serve a purpose on your dinner table rather than fight other roosters and kill hens.

After all, isn’t the purpose of chickens to have eggs and meat on the homestead? Interested in butchering classes?  CONTACT US!

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